Willow Fence

Size: H1xL5m,H1.5xL5m,H2x5m
Packing: In bundle or pp bag with handle

Willow Trellis

Packing: Several pcs in carton

Differences between the qualities of willow fence?

  • Classic willow fence is woven together with full knots, which allows more light through. The willow canes are between 4-12mm thick (usually about 7mm) and tied together with galvanised wire.
  • Premium willow fence is woven together with half knots, for a higher density weave. The willow canes are also between 4-12mm thick, but are fresher, more consistent and uniform. It is wired with galvanised wire, but the gaps between canes are smaller. The canes are also air dried, making this a more environmentally friendly option.
  • Diamond quality willow fence looks more uniform and strong because it’s made from wider canes. They vary between 6-16mm, with an average width of 10mm.